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API strategy, design, management and evangelism

At Good API, we develop and verify state-of-the-art market-fit hypotheses to drive the future of your business. Capitalizing on these discoveries, we drive strategic planning, proven product management, implementation, support, and training.

Increase your effectivity

API design and implementation matter. Avoid losing customers, high R&D costs and stalled development due to unnecessary complexity.

Optimize for your product

APIs aren't one-size-fits-all. Some architectural styles are great but are they optimal for your business needs?

Open integration channels

Leverage partner channels with clear integration points. Don’t leave any room for mismatched expectations.

Stay secure and up to date

Don't lose ground to a new technology. Staying up to date on recent regulatory, security and technology development requires extensive expertise and dedicated resources.

Build the right API

Good API is a matter of the right software structure while catering to business and human factors. Don't leave any factor out while building your API to attain the desired usability and adoption.

Move legacy forward

Fragmented systems of the past, inconsistent interfaces and no single source of truth for all of the company APIs? Don't let the burden slow you down.

Our Clients

"Zdenek has knowledge of global startup and his APIs visions are changing product development around the world."

Radek Novotny, Founder & CEO,  MyStay

"Great experience with API architecture, lifecycle etc. combined with personal yet professional approach."

Peter Ocasek, Founder & CEO,  angelcam

About Us

Good API is founded and led by Zdenek "Z" Nemec

As a former Director of DSL development at Apiary, Z is the author of the API Blueprint description language, which is now used by over 200,000 developers, and architects to describe well over 300,000 APIs worldwide. He is co-Author of data modeling language MSON. Zdenek defined and evangelized API design and the agile API workflow. He advises several Fortune 500 companies with their API design and implementation processes and has the experience in growing and mentoring startup companies.

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