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Zdenek "Z" Nemec

April 10, 2019

It has been two years since I left Apiary and started the Good API venture. I did it because I wanted to practice what we were preaching. I desired to be in the trenches with API practitioners. I hoped to help companies on their API journey, the critical part of the Digital Transformation.

And it went great! Over the two years, I have worked with many amazing companies like Adidas, Deutsche Post DHL Group or Ytica (recently acquired by Twilio) to establish and fast-track their API programs.

And while APIs are no longer the new kool-aid, most of the companies are only now just tapping on the potential of APIs.

Most of the world finally realized that APIs enable new business  models, foster existing partnerships, create new ones and drive innovation. And as such, the demand for Good API services is increasing both capacity and expertise -wise.

Good API is Growing

For this, I am thrilled to share with you exciting news: Good  API is growing to provide unparalleled vendor-independent API  consulting services along the whole API journey!

I am incredibly proud to announce that two world-wide recognized API experts —Adam Kliment and Erik Wilde have joined Good API as partners!

Adam Kliment and Erik Wilde
Adam Kliment & Erik Wilde

Adam  is the author of the Dredd API testing framework and former senior principal manager of Oracle API Platform and Apiary. As such, Adam has an incredible end-to-end knowledge of API products and pioneers the ways in the implementation of autonomous APIs, technical and architectural lifecycle automation and testing.

Erik, the former member of the venerable API Academy and co-author of the recently published Continuous API Management book has been focusing on helping organizations with their API strategy, design, and management. Erik has a long history of working in the space of large decentralized systems and holds unmatched in-depth experience when it comes to setting and implementing API strategies.

Strategy, Tactics, Execution

From strategy to architecture and down to technical details Good  API is now offering the complete, unbiased assistance along the  entire API journey. Good API’s holistic view, coverage, and  services capitalize on the decade of our dedication to APIs. We  believe that APIs are the key ingredient of Digital  Transformation, and the enablers for any successful business of  the future. And we are here to make your API program a success!

Where we see the need, we also build frameworks and tools to  assist everybody on the path journey. That is why we have just  released the radically new approach to collaborative data  modeling–supermodel.io.

But we do not stop there. We are now working on a complete API  and API landscape scoring framework that will help you  understand the fitness of your APIs and API landscape. And to  take the APIs to the next level — the Autonomous APIs — we are  preparing the API Landscape Tooling (ALT) project.

If you want  to contribute to the API future and work on open-source tools let’s get in touch! I am super excited that together, we are going to reshape the API industry, once again!

So whether you are building just one mission-critical API or are grappling with how to launch a successful API program at a large organization: let’s talk. We are here to help you with your API journey!


– Z.

PS: We are hiring! If you are interested in APIs, software architecture and want to influence where APIs are heading, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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