What is (a) Good API

Erik Wilde

April 10, 2019

What is a good API, and what is Good API? Good API is the company that delivers good APIs, allowing you to rest assured that your investments in Digital Transformation result in the great API products that you need to succeed.

We at Good API believe that a good API first and foremost is a good product. Digital Transformation means "products as APIs", meaning that every product that is being built is conceived, designed, realized, and managed as an API.

What does it take to build good API products?

Digital Transformation's three pillars give you a clear answer:

  1. Business means that an API must have clear business motivation, business mission, and business metrics. APIs are products, and products need to make sense for the business.
  2. Organizational means that people and teams must have the capabilities and the permission to use products, reuse products, repurpose products, and build new products. Digital Transformation is about speed and innovation, and your teams must be organized and empowered to deliver on this promise.
  3. Technical means that APIs must be designed, implemented, and managed so that IT no longer becomes a bottleneck slowing you down, but an enabler. Allowing products to evolve independently is key to achieve speed and agility, and technology plays a critical role to allow this organic and natural evolution of your product landscape.

We at Good API firmly believe that you must always take all pillars into account. Ignoring just one of them will mean that your investments in other areas will be compromised. Digital Transformation is a full-scale business transformation, and without that holistic perspective APIs can not deliver their full potential.

Our deep expertise at Good API is in the technology pillar, and this is where we provide most support. We design and drive execution of your API program, and make sure that there are metrics in place that allow you to measure your progress. We also make sure that your API program is managed to be synchronized with your business and organizational activities, so that your Digital Transformation initiative gives you the best return on investment (ROI).

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