The Mother of All Demos: From Engelbart to the Present

Zdenek "Z" Nemec


December 10, 2019


Presentation Slides


This talk brings together the groundbreaking work of Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute, Grace Hopper who helped create the COBOL programming language, and Will Crowther, creator of the online game — "The Collosal Cave Adventure". All three played a major role in shaping the next stage of computing and each has lessons to offer those working the "Age of the API." Along the way, we’ll be showing working live demos of API services and clients that work together to automatically adjust, heal, and re-route requests to maintain 100% uptime even when services go missing. This example of a "super-interface" or "superface" for APIs takes it’s cue from the work of Engelbart, Hopper, Cowther, and others to help show what the future of API can look like

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