API Management Support of HTTP/2

HTTP/2 has major impact on existing API design patterns. Find out which API Management Tool supports the HTTP/2 protocol to take your API to the next level.

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API Gateway HTTP/2 Support

This table includes the list of existing API Gateway and API Management tools and its support of the HTTP/2 protocol.

We have compiled the list from the information publicly available on the internet, asking API Management vendors directly and from the API community input.

The list is ordered to show supporting tools first, followed by the solutions that are open about their HTTP/2 support status.

Finally, vendors that do not speak about their support of HTTP/2 publicly, or that didn't answer our inquiry about their support, are listed last (and considered as not supporting the HTTP/2 for the time being).

Missing entry or incorrect information? Please us know or comment at the GitHub Gist source!

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